Business Performance CoachingWhether you are looking for Business Coaching to broadly support you in implementation of strategy or targeted Performance Coaching to reach a specific goal, we provide you with a support framework, encouragement, techniques and advice to help you remove blocks to success and achieve your aspirations.

Our coaching approach supports our clients consider their actions, thinking, feelings and beliefs about goals or an event. We are open and transparent in how we work and our aim is for clients to learn how to self-coach to continue to achieve their aspirations beyond our involvement.

We support clients to:

  • raise self awareness and motivation for achieving their goals
  • learn techniques that promote flexibility of thinking towards personal and business challenges
  • control negative thinking or self-defeating beliefs, increase self acceptance
  • solve problems, make decisions, take action
  • control emotions such as fear, anger, guilt
  • manage stress, understand and build resilience
  • deal with specific performance blockers like procrastination
  • understand how behaviour change works, set goals, take action, review

Some Examples of how we help

1. A senior manager in danger of de-railing from career path due to poor performance of division.  Together we explored blocks to performance and we supported through targeted action plan based on priority goals. Some small steps with early wins helped to re-build confidence.

2. A university student wanted work experience in specific field. We explored skills and abilities and their aspirations then we supported the preparation of tailored CV and cover letter to identified targets. Successfully achieved goal of summer internship.

3. A highly organised manager who under stress had become over-controlling. Staff would not act or take decisions without input or voice operational concerns. Explored and enacted strategies for managing pressure and how to engage, support and delegate tasks to team.

4. A professional with perfectionist thinking, resulting in reluctance to finish projects despite own desire to complete and external pressure. Explored reasons for procrastination, how to re-think negative beliefs about outcomes to positive and performance enhancing beliefs.

5. A team leader anxious about asserting views to boss and dealing with conflict in the workplace. Explored consequences of tackling their colleague, understanding conflict styles, giving feedback, practiced techniques in safe environment, planned goal and supported taking action.

To explore how we can help please contact us on 0151 487 3133.