Business Skills TrainingBusiness Skills Training can help keep you up to date or kick-start your learning and development on critical work issues like giving feedback or conflict management. 

Every workshop is highly interactive and combines focussed and topical information with practical skill advancement.  We provide useful templates, tools and techniques to support continuous improvement when back on the job, for example Action Planning, or Team Building Skills.  Delegates who attend our Personality Workshops receive personalised feedback reports that highlight strengths and potential development areas to target.  

Clients are supported to:

  • learn about key topics that impact on performance and relationships at work
  • practice critical skills and behaviours
  • make use of templates, tools and techniques during and after the workshop
  • receive and give feedback through self assessment (e.g. skills checklist or reflection), whole group review, and facilitator feedback
  • benchmark existing skill levels for increased personal awareness and development
  • set goals and formulate action plans for skills practice that are aligned to business needs
  • work together for continuous action learning and support
  • evaluate the effectiveness of their learning and practice

Some examples of how we help:

1. In-house group sessions in bite-size lunchtime, ½ day or 1 day workshops on topics such as:
a. understanding personality styles – how are we similar, how are we different?
b. effective team working
c. managing emotions and resilience
d. assertiveness and managing conflict
e. change and culture
f. giving feedback on performance, motivating and influencing
g. Leadership and management
h. 360 degree appraisal feedback facilitation skills
i. assessor skills
j. interviewing skills

2. Support with training needs analysis on core development areas that meet your business aims, with bespoke design of programme content and materials, delivery and evaluation as required.

To explore how we can help please contact us on 0151 487 3133.