Candidate Selection For EmployersA candidate selection process can be time consuming to put together and very costly if errors are made in design or execution.

We can help you to differentiate between candidates fairly and objectively and to select someone who has the potential to perform at a high level.

We advise on how to get the most out of common selection methods and where to use more specialist techniques like personality profiling or other psychometric testing. We can design and facilitate Assessment Centres that objectively assess candidate performance against your must have competencies.

Using our services helps to increase your chance of choosing the right person for a specific job role. We help focus on what is important, both in terms of your strategic aims and how they are achieved so that candidates form a positive impression of your business.

Clients are supported to:

  • use the predictive power of common selection methods
  • focus on the ‘must have’ skills, knowledge and abilities for their business aims
  • understand which selection method(s) will help them to predict job performance
  • consider the importance of fit between how a candidate performs and organisational values
  • use and interpret tests of ability or personality
  • create bespoke assessment materials like role play exercises, values based screening tools or situational judgment tests
  • design of a bespoke competency framework or assessment centre (AC)
  • train your staff on assessment centre design and assessor skills

Some Examples of how we help

1. A manufacturer client interviewed three high-calibre candidates for an operations manager role and wanted second opinion of candidates’ work styles and preferences for leading change.  We provided report on potential fit as well as likely strengths and weaknesses.

2. Organisation that had to downsize, must adhere to national framework and union agreed processes and time scales.   We drafted interview questions across three competency levels and trained assessors in best practice assessment for a fair and standardised approach.

3. A recruitment team needed to manage applicant numbers and also provide candidates with a realistic job preview. In consultation with subject matter experts, we designed a bespoke situational judgment test with scenarios that were directly related to the job tasks and demands.

4. An internal promotion to training manager for a client had produced two equally competent candidates. We supported selection panel with additional testing and results helped to differentiate between the candidates.

5. Using realistic work scenarios, including an in-tray ‘day in the life’ written exercise and a meeting role play to assess for building relationships and resilience in customer facing role.  Acted as assessor to complement internal selection panel interview activities.

To explore how we can help please contact us on 0151 487 3133.