Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development is very important in the workplace.  Individuals who advance and realise their potential typically focus on two aspects of their development, continuous learning and increased self awareness.

Invest in your own performance management, find out what drives you, how you prefer to work and why, or how you can build better relationships. We can help you to focus your efforts and make the most of your potential.

Clients are supported to:

  • Increase self awareness of their styles and preferences
  • Understand how emotions impact on behaviour, resilience and relationships with others
  • Learn how to harness the power of reflective learning
  • Discover what motivates them and provides satisfaction at work
  • Identify and build on strengths without over relying on them
  • Develop new skills, target key areas of weakness
  • Set personal development goals and create an action plan
  • Investigate personal values and how this can impact on ways of working

Some Examples of how we help

1. Individual development tailored to specific needs. Explore your current skills and abilities; understand how they impact on your behaviour and relationships with others. Development can focus on areas such as:

a. understanding personality
b. managing emotions and resilience
c. giving feedback to others, improve communication skills
d. assertiveness and conflict management
e. problem solving and decision making
f. being a reflective practitioner at work and personal development planning

2. One off session – completion of on-line personality measure plus a 90 minute feedback to explore results and implications for ways of working. Includes consideration of potential strengths and weaknesses of your style, and where your experience and learned behaviour compliments preferred ways of working. Written report also provided.

3. Group sessions in bite-size lunchtime, ½ day or 1 day workshops to tackle specific subjects like personality styles and team working, managing conflict, giving feedback to others, career motivation.

To explore how we can help please contact us on 0151 487 3133.